The MR2 Club of NSW has “Sporting Car Club” affiliation with CAMS. This means that our financial members can include our club name in the relevant section of the application form when applying for a CAMS license.
This has become even more significant with the changes to AASA licenses in 2016 (which are accepted at some tracks such as Wakefield Park, for those who don’t have a CAMS license).
Prior to January 2016, anyone could purchase an AASA license on-the-spot at some tracks such as Wakefield Park. However, AASA are no longer allowing this, so AASA licenses need to be obtained in advance through AASA before attending a track day at a venue which is associated with AASA.
Even more importantly, the price of AASA licenses has increased in 2016, to the point where it’s almost worth getting a CAMS license instead.