Presidents Report 10/2016

In the essence of providing accountability and integrity to the club for new and continuing members as requested in the AGM held on the 21st of August I have prepared a summary of the clubs committee activities thus far.

21st August 2016 – AGM held – Members elected to new positions.

23rd August РCommittee meeting held formulate new ideas and direction into a plan.

24th August – Debrief of past presidents report and AGM minutes tabled.

September 2016 РFurther meetings held over facebook messenger to discuss future run calender, membership card prototyping, facebook page and website management. Further committee meeting held to finalise membership cards pricing/cost, website access
costs and facebook page management.

October 2016 – Committee meeting held for membership card final sizing, design and printing. T-shirts, hats and apparel also priced up.Planned release of the membership cards at club run 23rd October.

Some hot topics:

Membership cards – Thanks to the committee for its strength in organising the first club membership cards. These cards have a great design and strike a chord with me as a member being included in the bigger picture of MR2 ownership.

Run management – planning and organising the runs each month is no small task. The run managers have been precise in their judgement to cater for the new and existing club members tastes. There is wide discussion from the committee and its members to
further organise midweek meetups planned for opposite fortnight to the club run.

MidWeek Meetups – Increasing numbers have been displayed in time spent with members unable to attend the Sunday runs. Midweek Meetups will be implemented shortly to cast a wider network of members unable to attend a sunday event.

Facebook page – The facebook page has been created with success and is being managed by the runs manager as a point of contact which seems widely acceptable to the members.

Increase in numbers – with the diversity and complexity as well as the distances involved the members have grown through access to social media and word of mouth. New members and existing members are able to communicate on various platforms available and this will continue to be a focus to enhance the clubs membership.

Communication Plan:

The objective of this plan is to outline the way in which the club will be communicating to its members. This will ensure the members are provided guidance and clarity when being contacted and expectations of the members are being met.

The key messages being delivered to club members regarding events and activities will be simple and across as many mediums as available to keep dates and times consistent and concise.

The communications methods to the members will be widened to include the forum, the website and the facebook page. This requires to be managed appropriately to ensure continuity of activities as they come due. The club members should take the use
of social media and the forums as seriously as it does any other medium in which written documents are produced for public viewing.

Feedback from new and existing members is essential to the growth and the shape the club. The members are the most important part of the club. Without members there is no president, secretary or run managers. The elected custodians of the club will be
required to make themselves accountable to the members to be able to receive feedback in a timely manner.

Each quarter communication should be completed in the format of a newsletter/post on facebook/post on the forum to keep members involved and up to speed of the clubs activities with the update of the club website to be the first point of reference for
dates and activities scheduled, secondly to the facebook page and thirdly to the forum.

The only cost to the club in maintaining this plan is the committees time which they donate.

Review, monitoring and improvements of the communication plans effectiveness and challenges arising from the communications plan effectiveness to be raised and dealt with each quarterly meeting for its continuance and appropriateness.

Final thoughts:

I hope this short summary of the clubs off street activities has provided some clarity of the behind the scenes efforts of the committee.

I would encourage you all to provide as much feedback as possible through the mediums we have at our disposal.

Ben Pinkstone
Club President.