2021 – January Cotter Run

Sunday 10th January 2021 – 9am.

Happy new year! This is the first “Cotter Run” for the year. We’ll commit to a small meet, greet & drive for every 2nd Sunday of each month.

  • Meet at 9am at the Weston Creek Pond Carpark. (Access via Kirkpatrick Street, near new McDonald’s/Caltex). See map.
  • 9:30am – Depart*
  • Drive west via Cotter Road.
  • Turn right onto Brindabella Road, do U-turn at the dirt road.
  • Stop at the Cotter Dam for a quick break.
  • Back onto Cotter Road/Paddys River Road, south bound.
  • Stop at the Tidibinbilla Tracking Station, have coffee at Deep Space Cafe (Covid-19 rules apply at the venue).
  • Event concludes at around 12pm.

Please obey all road rules. Watch out for cyclists and be courteous to other motorists. No dangerous overtaking. COVID-19 Restrictions still apply. Please be mindful of the social distancing and hygiene rules.

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