Conditions of Event Participation

By attending the event, you agree, understand and accept following conditions of entry / participation in the event. The following conditions apply to all events organised by ACT MR2 Owners Club committee and/or club members.

  • All drivers must follow the local road rules and observe the posted maximum speed limits at all times.
  • All drivers must consider safety of you and other road users, including cyclists and other motorists. Drive responsibly.
  • Each driver is responsible and liable for his/her own actions. No responsibility is accepted by the event organisers or committee members for the behaviour of entrant at any time.
  • The entrants for themselves and as agents, parents or guardians of the entrants and passengers hereby releases and indemnifies fully the event organisers and the committee members, from any liability arised from the event.
  • You authorise that your cars maybe photographed or filmed by other event entrants and maybe reproduced in any format.
  • Your car must be road worthy and registered.
  • All drivers must be licenced.