To join the MR2 Owners Club Of Australia in the State you live.

On the Home Page, click on the State that applies.  You will be directed to that State Branch’s Web Page.  Each State has a different structure, some are Incorporated Clubs, some are a group of like minded people and are not so formal, while other use the MR2 Forum to organise MR2 Club activities and share information.

Benefits of Joining the Club

Becoming a member of the MR2 Owners Club of Australia has many benefits. These are listed below.

If you want to improve or modify your car we have a wide range of expertise on all models. Similarly, if you have a problem we usually have a member who has experienced it before. Access to technical manuals is also available.

Advanced Driving:
An essential part of the safe enjoyment of this brilliant mid engined car. We can introduce you to the instructor who was Toyota’s choice for the introductory new model launch.

Parts and Servicing:
We have arranged for generous discounts on spare parts and servicing at selected Toyota dealers. We can also arrange introduction to motorsport specialists with an intimate knowledge of the various MR2 models.

Each State branch/chapter communicates with their members in various ways.  The VIC Club publishes a monthly magazine emailed to members as a PDF. This includes reports on past and future events, technical matters stories about MR2s. A great Read!

The range of activities are varied and include long enjoyable drives to country locations and guest speakers at technical nights, motor sport sprint and hill climb events and the MR2 Nationals every second year in a different State.

New Members:
Receive a pack including a MR2 club car sticker and membership cards (required for discounts !!)

Thank you and welcome to the MR2 Club!

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