MR2 Owners Clubs of Australia runs various events to help you experience and enjoy your MR2. 

Track Days 

To help you experience MR2 performance in a safe controlled environment. Non-competitive race closed circuit track sprinting or hillclimb.
CAMS Racing

For those who like to be competitive in the official motor racing events.
Defensive Driver Training

To educate drivers how to drive safely and become better drivers on public roads.
Skidpan Days

To let you experience advanced car controlling techniques.

Driving challenges on short courses requiring high level of driving skills.
Dyno Days

To let you test your vehicle horse-power and compare with other cars, while socialise with other members.
Technical info nights

To inform members about technical details about cars by manufacturers
Social Gathering
For members to meet and socialise with each other over BBQs, cruises or other fun activities.

To experience your cars on roads with great scenaries along with other MR2 owners.
Inter-club Events

Some of our MR2 clubs hold events with other car clubs.

Please visit to your local MR2 club website for upcoming events. 

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