July – Maintenance Day

Sunday 27th July 2014 – Maintenance Day

  • Date:  Sunday 27th July 2014
  • Meet Location: Todd Rd United Servo Outbound.
  • Time: Given via email.
  • Details:  This event was a great success last year, so we’ve decided to hold it once again this year.
    Many club members would like to service their own cars, but don’t have the tools or facilities. So we have organized a day where owners can do basic maintenance jobs, where advice and supervision by experienced club members is on hand if needed.
    We have available a good 4 poster hoist making many of the jobs that need underneath access very easy to do, including jobs that need the wheels free.
    I would like to emphasize that to attend this you don’t need to have anything done to your car, and you can simply come along and watch. Apart from maintenance work this is also a ‘learn about your MR2 day’ for Club Members.
    Along with the theme of the day I will have a partially disassembled 3SGE motor on display on an engine stand, (other twin cam 4 cyl Toyota motors are similar) and will hold a discussion on design features and servicing. For owners that have never seen these motors out of the car, this could be a rare opportunity to learn more about the internal workings of your MR2.
    A barbeque, sausage/hamburger sizzle lunch will also be provided by the Club.
    I will be hosting this event at my home in Geelong, where there is plenty of parking room for several cars.
    We anticipate a morning meeting place at the Todd Rd Service Center Westgate Freeway outbound (time to be advised later) and then cruising down the freeway to get as early a start as possible.
    I believe the jobs that should be possible would be:
    1. Oil/filter change
    2. Brake pad change, fluid change, bleed.
    3. Clutch fluid change, bleed.
    4. Handbrake adjustment.
    5. Thermostat change.
    6 Fit new ball joints or tie rod ends.
    7. Basic wheel camber/ toe adjustment check.
    8. Check underneath to find anything loose.
    Tools would not be needed as I have everything needed for the jobs listed above, but car owners would need to bring oil, coolant, brake fluid, and any new parts needed etc as well as overalls or work clothes.
    I am putting together a list of cars, along with the jobs requested to be done, and the order of work will have to be carefully scheduled to make efficient use of the time available with easy jobs first, but hopefully we should be able to satisfy everyone.
    At this stage there are some places remaining, so there is still time to book your car in.
    You can reserve your spot by emailing me ASAP at: editor@mr2club.com.au
    Of course as already mentioned it’s OK to simply want to come along and watch – I. Morrison.
  • RSVP to events@mr2club.com.au