MR2 Track Record

  • The MR2 Owners’s Club of Australia was established in June 1991 with a structure to allow for Branches in every State of Australia.
  • The Victorian Branch communicated with its members through a monthly Newsletter called “Track Record”  The name was Bev Cameron’s winning entry in an MR2 Club competition.
  • Track Record ran until April 1998.
  • The first Edition of TEN/10th’s was published in NSW in January 1998.
  • When the sixth Edition of TEN/10th’s went to a National Magazine it was posted to all VIC members.
  • Track Record continued to be sent to VIC members until April 1998.
  • At the same time VIC members received TEN/10th’s the VIC Branch produced a “Track Record Lite” to publish information for VIC members only.  The “Lite” ran to November 1999.
  • From that date all VIC Members received TEN/10th’s.
  • From July 2008 the Victorian Branch adopted “MR2 TRACK RECORD”

The next Edition of the “MR2 Track Record” has hit your “Inbox” now!!!

If you have not received your copy it could be because:

  1. You are currently unfinancial for the current VIC MR2 Club Year.
  2. Your email address is incorrect.
  3. You are not a member.  (Join NOW!!!)

Contributions to the next Edition can be sent to Ian at editor [at]