Club Permit Scheme (CPS)

  1. If you want to join the MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc. and take part in club activities, get involved and become a valuable club member then we welcome such new members.
  2. If you are joining the MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc. to obtain Club Permit Registration with no intentions of becoming a club member and participating in club events we respectfully suggest there are other clubs out there that might suit you better.

OK that said, if you fit the first statement above continue reading.

The following is to be read in conjunction with:

Become familiar with the requirements of the Club Permit Scheme to make sure it meets your needs. That is ….. you don’t drive your MR2 more than 90 days per year.

So far ….. so good!!

Now, we would like to meet you, and we’re sure you would like to meet us, so before joining to obtain a CPS permit with us you first must attend one Club Event or Meeting. Information about the next “Club Event” can be found at the MR2 Owners Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc Web Site: Click Here
or by sending an email to the Club: Click Here

That bit done, you can then Join the VIC MR2 Club. 

How to join the MR2 Club can be found at: How to Join

To obtain Club Permit with the MR2 Owners Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc. you need to be a financial member and commit to attend at least two Club events in your MR2 annually to have your VicRoads CPS Permit renewal signed by the Club each year.

Also consider how often you use your MR2.  There are 45 day (an additional 45 days use can be purchased in the one year) and 90 day (maximum per year) club permits available.

Your MR2 VIN plate must indicate the build date on the car is over 25 years old plus one month.

You need to be prepared to fill in a Log Book prior to using your MR2 every time you drive it on the road. Abuse of the system will result in your membership being cancelled and as a consequence your MR2 becomes unpermitted.

Obtain a current RWC.

Download and print the Club Permit Application Forms.


You will then need to make an appointment with the MR2 Club Permit Officer to counter sign the forms, check your membership, confirm the build date or your MR2 and take the VicRoads required dated 5 photos.

Send an email to the Club Permit Officer: Click Here

Once that is all done go to a VicRoads office.

Take with you:

  1. A current RWC (Since 31 January 2015, all vehicles built after 31 December 1948 require a RWC).  There is no need to take your MR2 to VicRoads.
  2. Proof of ownership may be asked for.  Take purchase receipts or Registration papers in your name.
  3. A current membership card or a letter to confirm financial membership of the VIC MR2 Club.
  4. The two completed VIC Roads forms.  NOTE: These forms need to be signed by us.  Bring the completed Forms, proof of ownership and RWC with you when your MR2 is inspected by the Club Permit Officer.

VicRoads do not want to see your MR2.

Go to VIC Roads, hand in your current number plates, you can keep personalised plates, pay the fee around $74 for 45 days use or $148 for 90 days use (as at June 2017). Fees vary according to CPI.  Fit your new plates.  That’s it. Oh! and notify your Insurance Company, there are substantial savings for CPS registered cars.

Note:  If your MR2 is modified beyond the VicRoads permitted modifications an Engineering Certificate or VASS is required.

A list of permitted modifications can be seen at:

For further information email the Club Permit Officer