THE HISTORY OF MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia (Victorian Branch) Incorporated

In 1991 purchasers of the new MR2 SW20, received in the mail an invitation to attend a ‘Driver Training’ day at Calder Raceway, conducted by members of the Victoria Police Driver Training Team. Twenty-two new MR2 buyers jumped at the offer.

During lunch, provided by Toyota, a few MR2 owners discussed to possibility of starting a Club. Kevin Clarence agreed to get together a list of people to invite to the first meeting.

Bob Pettigrew from Toyota Melbourne assisted by mailing out an invitation to all new MR2 purchasers of the current model (SW20). The first meeting was held on 28 June 1991 at Dandenong, subsequent meetings were held at Toyota Conference Centre in Port Melbourne.

Kevin Clarence prepared a ‘Draft’ Constitution naming the Club the MR2 OWNERS’ CLUB OF AUSTRALIA which would caters for all models of Toyota MR2. Included are:

  • The AW10 and AW11 1985 – 1989 Private Imports.
  • The AW11 1987 – 1989 Australian Delivery.
  • The SW20, 1989 – 1999 Australian Delivery.
  • The SW20 GT and Bathurst Models.
  • The SW20 1989 – 1999 Private Imports.
  • The ZZW30 Spyder 2000 – 2006 Australian Delivery
  • All standard and modified, Supercharged and Turbo Model MR2s.

There are twelve objectives of the Club, which are spelled out in the Constitution the main ones being:

  • To encourage owners of Toyota MR2 cars to appreciate, maintain and use their vehicle in such a way as to promote its unique value.
  • To promote the practical and social aspects of motoring within its membership.
  • To further the motoring interests of its members generally and where necessary join with other persons or clubs or associations to this end.
  • To collect and disseminate between members of the Association information regarding MR2 cars built by Toyota.
  • To establish, maintain and publish an Association magazine. Etc.

To protect the members and the organising committee it was essential that the MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia became Incorporated in Victoria with the Corporate Affairs Office (as it was known then) under the Associations Incorporations Act. 1981. This was completed be filling out the necessary forms, nominating a ‘Public Officer’ and providing a copy of our Constitution.

The next thing was to join the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and gain the advantages that organisation has to offer, including Insurance and Level L2S Licence for invitation competitive events.

A competition was held for a Club Logo and a suitable name for our Club newsletter. The logo competition was won by Walter Renfrey and the newsletter name ‘Track Record’ was won by Bev Cameron.

After an inquiry from Grant Cunningham from Sydney the NSW Branch was formed. They adopted our name (replacing Vic branch for NSW branch) our constitution and our logo. We have enjoyed a number of inter-state events and meetings at Canberra and Goulburn.

Toyota (Melbourne) assisted by printing and posting the first few editions of the Club newsletter and assisting the Club with membership drives by regular mailouts to purchasers of new MR2s.

Toyota (Sydney) assisted by providing sponsorship to establish the Club newsletter and a perpetual trophy for our annual road rally as well as providing promotional products as prizes for various events.

Soon the other State set up Branches of the MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia.

The Web Site was established.

The NSW Magazine TEN/10th’s went National.

The Forum was established, with links for the State Branches to post events.

2008 the VIC Branch re-published the “MR2 Track Record”